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Endless Conflicts: Detecting Molecular Arms Races in Mammalian Genomes

Jacob C. Cooper, Christopher J. Leonard, Brent S. Pedersen, Clayton M. Carey, Aaron R. Quinlan, Nels C. Elde, Nitin Phadnis

A new hybrid incompatibility locus between Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila sechellia


Jackson Bladen, Jacob C. Cooper, Jackson T Ridges, Ping Guo, Nitin Phadnis (2024)

A cancer in hybrids

National Academy of Sciences

Chesley M. Johnson & Nitin Phadnis (2021)

Extensive recombination suppression and epistatic selection causes chromosome-wide differentiation of a selfish sex chromosome in drosophila pseudoobscura


Zachary L. Fuller, Spencer A. Koury, Christopher J. Leonard, Randee E. Young, Kobe Ikegami, Jonathan Westlake, Stephen Richards, Stephen W. Schaeffer, and Nitin Phadnis (2020)

Recurrent Losses and Rapid Evolution of the Condensin II Complex in Insects

Molecular Biology and Evolution

Thomas D. King, Christopher J. Leonard, Jacob C. Cooper, Son Nguyen, Eric F. Joyce, Nitin Phadnis (2019)

Altered Localization of Hybrid Incompatibility Proteins in Drosophila

Molecular Biology and Evolution

Jacob C. Cooper, Andrea Lukacs, Shelley Reich, Tamas Schauer, Axel Imhof, Nitin Phadnis (2019)

Ancestral polymorphisms explain the role of chromosomal inversions in speciation

PLoS Genetics

Zachary L. Fuller, Christopher J. Leonard, Randee E. Young, Stephen W. Schaeffer, Nitin Phadnis (2018)

Parallel evolution of sperm hyper-activation Ca2+ channels

Genome Biology and Evolution

Jacob C. Cooper & Nitin Phadnis (2017)

A genomic approach to identify hybrid incompatibility genes


Jacob C. Cooper & Nitin Phadnis (2016)

Drosophila melanogaster activating transcription factor 4 regulates glycolysis during endoplasmic reticulum stress

G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics

Ji Eun Lee, McKenna Oney, Kimberly Frizzell, Nitin Phadnis, Julie Hollien (2015)

An essential cell cycle regulation gene causes hybrid inviability in Drosophila


Nitin Phadnis, Emily Clare P. Baker, Jacob C. Cooper, Kimberly A. Frizzell, Emily Hsieh, Aida Flor A. de la Cruz, Jay Shendure, Jacob O. Kitzman, Harmit S. Malik (2015)

Speciation via autoimmunity: A dangerous mix


Nitin Phadnis & Harmit S. Malik (2014)

Birth, death, and replacement of karyopherins in drosophila

Molecular Biology and Evolution

Nitin Phadnis, Emily Hsieh, Harmit S. Malik (2012)

Accelerated evolution of the Prdm9 speciation gene across diverse metazoan taxa

PLoS Genetics

Peter L. Oliver, Leo Goodstadt, Joshua J. Bayes, Zoë Birtle, Kevin C. Roach, Nitin Phadnis, Scott A. Beatson, Gerton Lunter, Harmit S. Malik, Chris P. Ponting (2009)

Speciation in Drosophila: From phenotypes to molecules

Journal of Heredity

H. Allen Orr, JP Masly, Nitin Phadnis (2007)

Dietary ethanol mediates selection on aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in Drosophila melanogaster

Integrative and Comparative Biology

James D. Fry, Carolyn M. Bahnck, Maryann Mikucki, Nitin Phadnis, Wendy C. Slattery (2004)

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