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At the University of Utah we have numerous resources and programs to help our students succeed.


The Bioscience Ph.D program at the University of Utah facilitates the entry and training of Ph.D students through a range of disciplines in the biological sciences. It serves as a source of intellectual diversity for both students and the labs they work in. The Program coordinates activities such as student recruiting and admissions, academic advising, career development,  curriculum, and social events.

The newly minted School of Biological Sciences offers opportunities to learn, work, and collaborate across levels of biological organization and styles of research. Faculty research interests span the complete spectrum of biological phenomena and disciplines, from biochemistry to global environmental change.

The University of Utah has a proud tradition in research in genetics, which has by the Training Program in Genetics, funded by the National Institutes of Health for more than thirty years. The Training Program in Genetics and students trained by this program contributed to landmark discoveries in genetics, including discovery of restriction fragment length polymorphisms, development of a genetic linkage map in humans, and methods for targeted gene disruption in vertebrates.

At the University of Utah, we have leading researchers working in diverse areas of developmental biology and using a wide array of model organisms (bacteria, yeast, C. elegans, Drosophila, mammals, Xenopus, chick, zebrafish and Arabidopsis). These scientists are brought together by the Developmental Biology Interest Group (DBIG).

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